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About Us

DAHA's Mission

DAHA aims to provide a safe and positive environment for the youth in the community of Duluth to participate and excel through the sport of hockey, while learning eight character values: integrity, commitment, courage, honor, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication.

DAHA's History

DAHA began its operations in the 1940's. It started with 37 outdoor rinks within Duluth's city limits. Today it is comprised of seven outdoor hockey associations: Woodland , Portman, Piedmont ,  Gary-Morgan Park,  Duluth Heights, Glen-Avon, and Congdon. In addition to the outdoor associations, DAHA hosts the Icebreakers Girl's Hockey Association, Duluth Denfeld Youth Hockey Association, and Duluth East Youth hockey Association.  DAHA caters to and represents more than 750 players levels Mite 1 to Jr. Gold. 

DAHA & the Heritage Foundations's 8 Character Values

These 8 character values originated as the 8 foundational values of the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center. These values are just too good not to be a part of any organization. The Duluth Amateur Hockey Association adopted these values in 2019. Duluth Hockey hopes to first produce great citizens in the community of Duluth and then teach them the sport of hockey. 

We encourage parents, coaches, and players to read about what these 8 values mean and think about how you can incorporate them into your life and time around the hockey rink.