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Players and Coaches Development Coordinator Position:

DAHA Office & Staff

Please direct questions and concerns regarding the association, coaches, players, grievances, tournaments, and registration to a DAHA staff member before Board Members.

Bob Nygaard - Executive Director
Clare Markley -  Executive Office Administrator

Hours of Operation

Regular Business Hours
Monday- Friday:  9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (or by appointment) 

DAHA Main Office

Essentia Duluth Heritage Arena
120 South 30th Avenue West
Duluth, MN 55806

(218) 728-8000

DAHA Staff/President:


Bill Whiteside

Treasurer; At-Large Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-590-5436

Ethan Ault

West Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-340-0504

Lynden Medlin

East Representative (2024)

Phone: (218) 343-5030

Casey Kudler

At-Large Representative (2025)

Phone: 727-501-3416

Kevin Chick

Secretary; At-Large Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-310-8629

Rolf Flaig

West Representative (2025)

Phone: 218-461-2525

Cory Goldsworthy

At-Large Representative (2025)

Phone: 218-391-9843

Matt Mathias

East Representative (2025)

Phone: 218-310-0509

Ryan Sandefer

President (2024); Glen Avon Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-590-0864

Jacub Kaliszewski

Icebreaker Representative (2024)

Phone: 651-307-3111

Jacquelyn Messer

Woodland Representative (2024)

Bryan Bjonskaas

Gary Morgan Park Representative (2024)

Kelly Lapcinski

Denfeld Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-390-0986

David Moline

Vice President (2024); Portman Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-428-8432

Justin Finke

Piedmont Representative (2024)

Phone: 218-2694387

Blaine Hunter

East Rink Representative (2024)

Nathan Weber

Duluth Heights Representative (2024)


2023-2024 Season


Executive Committee

Bill Whiteside

Bob Nygaard 
David Moline
Kevin Chick
Ryan Sandefer (Chair)

Players & Coaches Committee

Blaine Hunter

Casey Kudler
David Moline
Cory Goldsworthy (Chair)
Matt Mathias
Lynden Medlin
Kelly Lapcinski
Nate Weber
Sonny Bedogne


Finance Committee

Bill Whiteside (Chair)       

Lynden Medlin
Kevin Chick
Casey Kudler


Facilities Committee

Bill Whiteside
Bob Nygaard             
Cory Goldsworthy (Chair)     
Justin Finke
Rolf Flaig


Rink Association Advisory Committee

Blaine Hunter (East)
Bryan Bjonskaas (GMP)
David Moline (Portman)
Jacquelyn Messer (Woodland)
Jacub Kaliszewski (Icebreakers)
Justin Finke (Piedmont)
Kelly Lapcinski (Denfeld)
Nate Weber (Duluth Heights)
Ryan Sandefer (Glen Avon)

Rules & Grievance Committee

Ethan Ault

Jacquelyn Messer

Justin Finke
Kevin Chick
Rolf Flaig
Jacub Kaliszewski (Chair)

2023-2024 DAHA Board Meeting Dates and Minutes

Meetings will typically be held on the third Sunday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Center Board Room (unless otherwise stated).

May 21
June 18
July 16
Aug 20
Sept 17
Oct 15
Nov 19
Dec 17
Jan 21
Feb 18
March 17
April 21 - Annual Elections Meeting

By Laws

Board of Directors Application Information

The Duluth Amateur Hockey Association holds its board meeting each month at the Essentia Heritage Center. Active members in good standing of  DAHA are welcome to attend any board meetings. Please contact the Board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Those applying for a  2024-25 Board position must fill out the application, commitment pledge and conflict of interest forms located at the bottom of this page by April 19 and return to:   

The Annual Election Meeting will be held on April 21 at 7 p.m. at the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center.

2024-2025 New Applicants:

Ashley Hirt
Craig Moe
Jonah Williams

2024-2025 Incumbents:

David Moline
Ryan Sandefer
Ethan Ault
Bill Whiteside