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Hockey Equipment

Equipment Repair

Rick Menz, a former DAHA Board member and active youth hockey volunteer, is a great source to turn to for hockey equipment repair issues. He's been fixing gear for well over 40 years (spending a good deal of that time as the equipment manager for the UMD men's hockey program) and as a one-time hockey parent, knows the importance of saving money and extending the life of gloves, skates, pants, goalie equipment, etc. 

Sample repair services:

  • Complete hockey glove re-palming and repairs.
  • Pants sewing, and button replacement.
  • Bag repairs, including zipper replacement and sewing of rips, tears and straps.
  • Goalie blocker re-palming and sewing.
  • Goalie catching glove re-lacing and sewing.
  • Goalie leg pad sewing, strap and buckle replacement.
  • Skate tendon guard replacement.
  • Skate seam and sewing repairs.

Rick will give you a cost estimate before beginning any repairs and same-day service may be available (if parts are needed, it could generally take 4-5 days)

If you have any gear that needs some work, please call Rick at  218-390-6067.

Equipment Exchange

Unfortunately this fall, DAHA will not host an equipment exchange.

IF you are you looking to pass along your player's gently-used equipment to another Duluth Hockey family, please fill out the information below.

How it Works

Sell or Give Away Hockey Equipment:

Post your equipment below for other families to view along with the required information.

Once you have sold or given away your equipment, Delete your original post.

Thank you, the players and families appreciate your pay it forward attitude!

Searching for a Particular Piece of Equipment:

Post Equipment Type, Size, and contact information

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