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Season Registration

All Players must be registered by December 31 which is the official close date for all levels of hockey.

Important Player Registration Information

You must fully complete registration.


You will not be allowed back in the registration portal after you click submit.


Register for Both the appropriate DAHA level and your association's level, ex. DAHA Mite and Portman Mite. If you do not click both of these levels you will have to re-register completely

Looking for Financial Assistance?

We encourage you to complete a financial aid application. It is completely confidential.

This must be completed prior to registering for the season.

DAHA will review your application and contact you. If you qualify, DAHA will send a discount code to waive registration fees at the time of registration.

Financial Assistance Applications need to be submitted by September 15 for PeeWee, U12, Bantam, & U15.

Financial Applications need to be submitted by October 13 for Mite, Squirt, & U10


What you need to complete player registration

1. USA Hockey Membership Number

2. Form of payment (debit card, credit card, or prepaid visa card which can be found at Target, Walmart, etc.). NO offline payment is accepted.

3. State Issued Birth Certificate for all players 8 years old and under. Hospital issued Birth Certificates are not accepted. The District Registrar needs Birth Certificates in order to verify players through the USA Hockey system in order to be put on a roster. Players should only need to submit a B.C once unless you made changes to your account (ex. adding a middle name to your child's USA Hockey registration this year compared to last year.)

Hockey Season Registration

Please wait 1-2 hours after registering with USA Hockey before registering with DAHA. 

Step 1

Register with USA Hockey

Click to Register

Step 2

Register with the Duluth Hockey

Click to Register

Duluth Hockey Information

What does DAHA do and where does the DAHA registration fee go?

DAHA (Duluth Amateur Hockey Association) is the parent organization to all of  Duluth's 11 sub associations. It is the only association in Duluth recognized and registered with USA and Minnesota Hockey. It is the governing body and overseer to all associations and teams  -- from mites to Jr. Gold. DAHA is continually working towards creating a more positive, dynamic, and growth driven organization for the youth and families in the Duluth Community.

  • Ice Scheduling
  • Provides Financial Assistance Association Wide
  • Mite 2 League Schedule
  • Squirt Skill Sessions
  • Player and Coach Registration
  • Run quality hockey camps using skilled hockey professionals and coaches for all DAHA players in the off-season at Heritage and other Duluth arenas.
  • PeeWee/U12 and Bantam/U15 Tryout Organization and Evaluation
  • Vigorously and hire Coaches for PeeWee/U12 A and AA and Bantam/U15 A and AA Teams
  • Tournament Registration Creation
  • USA Hockey Rosters for Mites-Jr. Gold
  • Player and Coach Development Strategy
  • Association Growth and Development Strategy
  • Association Website
  • Fryberger Arena utilities and maintenance:
  • Business Sponsorships & Advertising
  • Payment & City Partnership
  • Postseason Coaching Evaluations
  • Liability Insurance Association-Wide
  • Public Relations with the City of Duluth and Duluth Local Businesses
  • City Leases
  • Hotel Partnership, Rebate Development and Management